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Unscented Sea Salt Soap

Unscented Sea Salt Soap

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All natural unscented sea salt soap made of high quality ingredients. These are huge bars! This soap is made out of mostly organic coconut oil and produces an abundant lather. It is handmade in Brooksville, FL in small batches.

Each bar will come in a decorative bag, also handmade. Packaging is random.

Each bar is 7 ounces this is about double the size of the average bar of soap.

Why our sea salt bars?

It is mostly organic coconut oil. This is because of the many attributes of organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is responsible for creating a strong lather in soap. It is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antiviral, and includes antioxidants. Also, it improves the barrier of the skin. No other oil compares to organic coconut oil in soap.

Cocoa butter is also used as a base oil for our sea salt bars. We use naturally deodorized cocoa butter (steam is used to deodorize the cocoa butter of the traditional chocolate scent.) Cocoa butter is included in our soap to add extra moisturization. It also contains anti-inflammatory properties and is high in antioxidants.

Our soap is loaded with sea salt. The sea salt exfoliates the skin to promote new skin growth. It is very absorbent and naturally detoxes the skin of toxins. Lastly, it is loaded with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium.

Ingredients: Organic coconut oil. Cocoa butter. Sea salt. Filtered water. Lye.
No parabens. No sulfates. No synthetic ingredients.

Materials: organic coconut oil,cocoa butter,sea salt,filtered water
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

perfect i love this soap it really exfoliates my skin too ill def be buying more

Camryn Friedberg



Love it !


The soap is amazing, has a very very mild good scent, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized! Communication from seller is also above and beyond! :) It doesn’t make my eczema flare up either. Definitely recommend.