Ditch your toxic soap


  • Kathy

    This soap is wonderful!!! Lots of lather, and it's all natural!! These are big bars...probably 2 oz bigger than most. The packaging and personal note meant a lot! I'll be a repeat customer!!!

  • Karl

    Seller goes above and beyond. Very pleased with my purchase and will be a regular customer. I highly recommend her. I’ve made 2 purchases and each time, fast to ship. Received both packages, hand written note was included.

  • Alexis

    I really liked this soap! I've never used homemade soap before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it exceeded my expectations by far!! It lathers really nicely and made my skin feel exceptionally soft and clean. The bars are very large and easy to hold (no need to worry about dropping it!) I purchased the soap saver bag with the soap and use it as a little scrubby. I've used it for over a week and the bar is still very large, so I expect it to last for a long time! The sandalwood scent is currently my favorite :) Thank you Ashley for making such an incredible product! <3

  • Rebecca

    As a long time consumer of natural products and essential oils , this soap is amazing! They are beautiful, huge and smell so good! No skimping on quality from this company!

  • Ploumi

    These smell amazing!! And are so soft on my hands. When I read the ingredients I realized what a stark contrast these are to mainstream soaps. Left me wondering what weird things we absorb from the latter, and grateful that I bought these. Will need to get more because family was over when I unboxed these and they all took some home with them lol.

Everyone should experience the healing effects of non-toxic soap

  • Transparency

    Consumers have a right to know the ingredients in the products they are using. We are 100% tranpsparent in the ingredients we use and the methods in which are products are made.

  • Quality

    Our products are made of the highest quality ingredients. We use therapuetic grade essential oils and unrefined oils. We refuse to use cheap fragrance oils or heavily refined oils in our products.

  • Education

    Our mission is to help others live a more natural lifestyle. We work hard to help our customers become educated consumers. We want you to feel confident in reading labels and understanding what is in the products you use daily.