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Natural Soap Making for Beginners

Natural Soap Making for Beginners

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Learn to make your own natural soap at home! This course provides you with an excellent basic understanding of natural-soap making. 

You will learn

-how to safely work with lye

-the equipment and materials needed for soap making

-the cold process and hot process method

-how to make four different recipes (tutorials included with recipe PDFs)

-basic soap making concepts and terms

-how to calculate a batch to fit any size mold

-common issues in soap making

-showcases examples of natural colorants

-how to use a soap calculator and fragrance calculator

You will not lose access to this course! I recommend purchasing the course before purchasing ingredients and materials. This will enable you to be an educated consumer when purchasing soap making supplies.

Class includes help from the instructor! There is a discussions tab included in the course. You can leave your questions here to be answered by your instructor. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Veronica Podariu
Great course!

Super concise information, clear content! Thank you!

Indigo Little
Highly Recommend

This course is perfect. I just recently got into soap making and this course makes it easy to understand and reduces the self-confidence issues that come with starting something new.

Gabriella Millet Battaglia
Love it

Love it

Sarah Plumador
easy course

very easy to follow along, videos are short yet very informative and helpful. I took both the beginner course and the milk course. definitely ready to make soap.

after reading about a bunch of things online I was very confused. these short courses are worth it and explained so much.

Allison Preusch
She helped me so much.

Taking her soap making class has helped up my business game and create some wonderful amazing soaps that are a hit. What is so great is her kindness and helpfulness, any time I have a question or need help I know I can reach out to her and she helps me trouble shoot. Her class truly is simple and helpful and she is contsatly improving it. She really goes step by step and I couldn't get more grateful to her for creating such a wonderful class.